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Soursop 125 g

One bag = 2,3 pieces fresh fruit

Soursop (Guanabana) also called Graviola. Soursop is a fruit derived from a tree of the custard apple family (Annonaceae) - Annona Muricata. It is growing wild in Central and South America. The fruit grows naturally in tropical climates and because 42% of Colombia is covered by rainforest, the prevalence of guanabana is very high in the country.

The taste is described as a delicious intermediate between pineapple and strawberries. It provides a very refreshing and tasty juice and for this reason, it is often used in making desserts with ice cream, jellies, marmalades, and refreshing drinks. Mix soursop to juice with water, milk, almond or oat milk. Strawberries, cinnamon, and chili are good combinations with soursop.

The fruit has been used as folk medicine by the Indians in the Amazon over centuries,  including it is the blood pressure-lowering, against parasites, depression, liver and heart problems, asthma and osteoarthritis. Soursop is rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and iron.

Pitaya 125 och 50 g

One bag = 6,5 and 2,5 pieces fresh Pitaya

Pitaya - Pitahaya - Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruits are native to Central America and South America, where they are known as Pitaya or Pitahaya. There are three species of dragon fruit in the genus Selenicereus. There are both yellow, pink and red, and the three have different tastes. 


One of the three species is Selenicereus Megalanthus, which grows commercially in South America and is especially popular in Colombia. The closest relatives are in Mexico and Guatemala.


Yellow pitaya has a tick shell, and under the shell is a white creamy pulp with small black seeds that are eatable. The seeds contain beneficial fatty acids. The taste is mild and sweet and reminiscent of strawberries and pears.


Nutritional properties: Rich with Vitamin B and C,  minerals calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Contain lots of water, vegetable protein,  and fiber. Can be eaten as snacks, on salad, ice cream, mixed in muesli, desserts and yogurt, and of course to prepare juices as well.

Mango 125 g

One bag = 2,0 kg färsk mango or 6,5 p



Is very popular for its wonderful sweet tropical aroma. The ripe flesh of the mango is soft and juicy and has a golden yellow texture. Because the climate in Colombia is so varied, it is possible to grow almost everywhere, in different places in the country.


Nutritional properties: Rich in vitamins A and C, also contains copper and strong antioxidants. The B vitamins contain thiamine, niacin, and folate.


After digestion, mango gives an alkaline trace in the body which in turn has a positive effect on the blood's PH value. Alkaline food has detoxifying properties, strengthens the natural cell's repair process, increases the body's own ability to absorb nutrients and significantly reduce disease factors.

Exotic Mix 125 g

Mango, Ananas, Papaya, Kokosnöt och jordgubbar

Det är en blandning av mango, ananas, papaya, kokosnöt (ny) och jordgubbar (ny). Förutom att inkludera några av de tropiska favoritsmakerna, lägger vi till våra älskade jordgubbar. Exotic Mix kommer att berika din kropp med viktiga antioxidanter, vitaminer, mineraler och mycket fibrer.

Torkad kokos är en fantastisk källa till vitaminer, mineraler och innehåller medellånga triglycerider som till skillnad från andra fetter inte lagras som fett, utan istället används till energiförsörjning.


Kokosnöt är rik på Niacine, kalcium, fosfor, järn magnesium och kalium. Jordgubbar är inte bara goda utan också mycket rika på C-vitamin, järn,  antioxidanter (polyfenoler) och fibrer.


Torkad Exotic Mix är en spännande blandning av fantastiska superfrukter som inte bara är gott, utan också väldigt hälsosamt. Torkad Mix har högt innehåll av antioxidanter, fibrer, vitaminer och mineraler, som kroppen har nytta av från topp till tå.

Fungerar som ett utmärkt mellanmål, till och från jobbet, efter träning eller när det är lite länge till nästa måltid.

Pineapple 125 and 50 g

One bag = 1,750 and 0,7 kg fresh pineapple

The pineapple is native to Paraguay in South America. It was brought up to Central America and Europe and later spread throughout the whole world. Pineapple has become one of the world's most popular fruits.


Has a fresh and sweet taste and very juicy.


Nutritional properties: Contains vitamin A and C. Rich in vitamin B for example. folate, thiamine, pyridoxine, riboflavin and the minerals magnesium and potassium.


Has many varied uses such as. in meat and fish dishes, such as snacks, in salads and desserts, in breakfast mixes and smoothies. Dried pineapple can be used in a cup of tea because of the sweetness. 

Papaya 125 g

One bag = 1,650 kg fresh papaya


This exotic fruit is packed with a number of beneficial healthy nutrients. No wonder it was called "the fruit of the angels" by Cristopher Columbus.


Papaya is an excellent natural source of vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body's normal functioning. Rich of antioxidants such as carotenes, flavonoids, vitamins B and C, contains fiber and magnesium. The fruit aids the digestive system, protects against infections and preserves the immune system. Please check the Swedish National Food Agency's website for information on both fresh and dried papaya nutritional content. (Http://


Sweet taste with musky tones and with a soft butter-like texture. The papaya tree produces fruit through all the year, although you can see a slightly increased harvest during early summer and autumn. Because Papaya is very sweet, the flavor comes out best if you drop some lime or lemon over before eating it, or when you prepare juices.


Dried papaya is good in salads, smoothies, milkshakes, juices, in desserts and as snacks.

Tropical Mix 50 g

One bag = 1 banana, 1 mango and 2 slices of pineapple

Here are three superfruits in one bag, which name is Tropical Mix. All are popular and healthy fruits with high nutritional values and rich in dietary fiber.


Pineapples are native to South America. Brought up to Central America and Europe, and later spread throughout the world. The banana is one of the most popular fruits in the world and it may have been the world's first fruit.


Mango is much liked for its tropical aroma.


In addition to A, B, and C, pineapple contains vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. The banana is rich in A, B6 and C vitamins and also contains manganese, potassium, magnesium, riboflavin, niacin, and iron. Like the other two A, B and C, mango also has copper.


Practical packaging to carry in your pocket or bag, for example at the gym, the cinema, to an excursion, to jobs, school or when you need a useful and natural snack.

Physalis 125 g

En påse = 0,625 kg färsk physalis

Golden Berries  - Physalis

Also known as Physalis. The berry grows wild in the Amazon and is among the most widely used fruit in Colombian cuisine. Goldenberries was already cultivated by the Inca Indians for their good nutritional properties.


Has a fresh and sour taste. Golden Berries is a super fruit for its rich nutritional content, like vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, and B12. Also contains amounts of protein, bioflavonoids, and carotenoids. The small seeds in the G.B and pectin are healthy for digestion and have absorption ability.


In South America, GB is often used in juices and smoothies but also in breakfast mixes, in porridge, desserts, salads or as snacks.

Dried goldenberries are really delicious mixed with yogurt or cottage cheese, but also like a snack to restore energy.